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Music for the Millenium!!!
The site to be for Milwaukee's best Blues, Rock, and Improv Band.

Mississippi  Cactus
P.O. Box 92611
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202




It's a .....Blues Band, Free Form, Original Jam.......Band!!!
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Mississippi Cactus announces the release of their debut CD "Live at Thai Joe's" which was recorded at the east side Milwaukee club on September 16,1997 and October 3, 1997.

The CD features six tracks including the live favorites " Nickel" and " Flowerpot". It also includes two new studio tracks.

"Live at Thai Joe's " is available now through local music stores and at live performances. You can also obtain one by writing or calling the address above.

Cost of the CD is $10.00. A bargain for so much great music!!!

What People Are Saying About Mississippi Cactus!

" You couldn't ask for a better band to get people moving and enjoying themselves. They draw positive energy into your space. MISSISSIPPI CACTUS is a very creative and energetic group of musicians that love to play and draw a fan base that loves to hear. " said Joe Ryan, owner of  Thai Joe's.

"MISSISSIPPI  CACTUS is full of groovy jams for the mind" said Jeff Hamilton, engineer at Milwaukee's Junkyard Studio.

"I've seen the band evolve from some of their first shows with an average crowd to become an awesome show that packs the house" sat Ian Perch, owner of Milwaukee area clubs The Globe-East, The Globe-West, and the Clubhouse.

Contact us at: MississippiCactus@netscape.net

Things We Need to Know About Business Credit

A lot of people wish to become an entrepreneur or a business owner. And once they know this piece of information, their aspire to become one should grow stronger. Did you know that business owners and entrepreneurs can get two types of credit? . They can get a credit as a business owner (business credit) and they can also get credit as an individual (personal credit).

Let us take a look first on how it is similar and how it differs from personal credit. A personal credit is established once you acquire a social security number and once you get a job. It could also start once your social security number will be associated with a credit card. This information will be known as your credit profile, all reflected in your credit report. More information will be added to this report if an individual changes their job, changes their address or applies for credit and all of this information is submitted to the credit bureaus by the folks who have issued you credit. As this builds up, your personal credit becomes a reflection of your ability to pay debts. When it comes to their similarities, the process of building both types of credit is quite the same: you loan a specific amount, pay responsibly and then you make it a point to let business credit reporting groups your payment history.

If we talk about business credit report information, there are a lot of differences from your personal credit report. In the latter, business credit bureaus will collect the following information: employer’s identification number of EIN (this can be acquired, of course, from the IRS, by the way, which is also known as the federal TIN, the business’ registered name and your official business address. Aside from this information, they would also gather intel about your trade or business credit transactions. With the latter, they will be getting your name, home addresses, social security number and personal credit transactions like credit card payments, auto loan payments, mortgage payments, etc. These information will be the one looked up by creditors, lending companies, suppliers & banks and it will be their basis whether how much money will they loan you (if ever your laon gets approved) or to even approve your loan in the first place.

Now, let us talk about business credit scores. Unlike personal credit scores which range from below 300 to mid 800 (with an good score at around 600), business credit scores are given with 100 as the highest and 0 as the lowest. A business credit score of 75 and above is considered to be excellent. And what are the business credit bureaus basis of your score? A lot of things, which may or may not include the following: how many companies have asked for your credit profile, how long since you have first established your business’ credit profile, the available credit you have in banks and how much is still available and of course, your ability to pay debts and bills (if paid on time and on the right amount). 


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